Magazine System instead of the normal Bullet approach? (FPS)

Hello everybody!

I’ve been creating my own First Person Shooter for over a year now and it’s looking great, sounding great and feeling great. But there are just a lot of things still missing. The Shooter has 2 different “types” of games: Realism and Casual. Casual is the fun approach to things for the more casual players who are looking for a fun experience (TTK is 2-3 shots; the same as in realism). Realism hides a lot of elements from the HUD, and takes away the info you find in a Casual game. This gamemode is all about immersion and a real depiction of war. Now comes the part I wanted to ask you all: Is there a way to make a Magazine System instead of the normal Bullet System ( which is used in most games; examples: R6, COD, Battlefield etc.) I really wanted to add this feature to the Realism gamemodes to further add realism into the game.

What do I mean by Magazine System?

I mean, that when you reload, the Magazine rotates to the next Magazine with the most Bullets. To reload, the Bullets in the Current Mag need to be less than the ones in the** following magazine**. Each Magazine’s data is supposed to be stored. (In Mag Bullets). After reloading the Magazines get “ordered” from the Magazine with the most bullets in it at the front to the one with the least bullets in the** back**. You can see the same system being used in Insurgency: Sandstorm.

My question is what would be the best approach to store each’s Magazine’s data on it’s own?

Thanks a lot for reading this and I hope you know a way :D!