MAG Studios is Hiring! Looking for c++/Blueprint experience with AI and multiplayer

Hi everyone, My name is Shaun Williams, a very hard working solo dev who has released 2 titles using UDK and my most recent VR title using Unreal 4 (CDF Starfighter) in Steam Early Access.

The game :

CDF Starfighter is a 90s styled space combat simulator which is inspired by games such as freespace, wing commander, star wars. Designed for VR from the ground up, the ideal candidate should have access and interest in Virtual Reality. The ideal candidate must be passionate about sci-fi and space combat sims.

I am looking to contract out some work on AI and multiplayer. Currently the game is 99% Blueprints so either a coder or blueprint specialist is required.

Due to previous community members letting me down and taking the money and running, leaving me more work (no names mentioned), This is a paid contact but will not be paid until completion or in milestones for the right candidate.

AI : I currently have a fun and challenging AI up and running, the right candidate can either build on what we have or start a fresh. AI is crucial to the game and optimization is key. You should have a good understanding of replication for multiplayer as AI will be needed to attack all players as well as each other.

Multiplayer : I have had very little multiplayer experience and am looking for someone who can bring multiplayer development experience to the game. Our game is quite simple in essence and does not require the huge workloads of most PVP and multiplayer games. We aim to have a few different multiplayer modes (online steam) and a co-op mode which is LAN or online.

These are two very important jobs, experience and portfolio benefits must be the motivation as we are a tiny indie studio with a tiny budget.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you if you fit the bill for either of these roles. These roles can be remote or onsite in our studio if you live near Blackpool in the united Kingdom. Feel free to PM me or reply on this post with you`re experience details etc.

Thanks guys, and girls.

Shaun Williams
MAG Studios