Maestro VR - Orchestra conductor experience

At the early stages of development , this VR experience makes you the conductor of an orchestra. Comprising of new and classic music pieces, you will have control of section timing, dynamics and even some orchestral improvisation.

Keep the beat and bring in each orchestral section at the appropriate time. Control section dynamics and signal sections to play key appropriate improvisations.

The music in the trailer is an original composition by myself and is currently being used as the main test track however with the help of Spitfire Audio’s BBC Symphony Orchestra, other historic classical tracks can be created to be used in Maestro VR.

All the animation is blueprint driven and at its core is a blueprint based multi-track sequencer (currently 16) with bar by bar audio and animation playback driven by timelines and data tables.

This is my first test of only have having a VR headset (Oculus Rift S) for a couple of months although the idea before having VR and using my First Person Simulator camera movement/control.