Made something in blender with textures, can't get it into unreal

Hi Guys,

So I’m a college student in Ireland and I have a deadline of the 11/12/2015 at midnight to submit my game for a module. I have a serious dilemma how ever. I’m after making everything in Blender. I’ve exported it as an fbx and tried to bring it into unreal and while the buidling and everything does come in the textures do now. I have the blender program set to automatic packing and the textures are also packed and yet I still havent had any luck. I brought the textures into unreal as well and then imported the map and still nothing. Just hoping someone can help me. I can send on the file for the map so you can actually work with it and see if you could get it working. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’m really badly stuck here.

If the textures you are using in blender are image files, you can import them into unreal separately and set up your material in unreal from there. That’s typically how I do it.