Made my first, small, unreal 4 game. A Hanoi Tower

Hello there. Recently I started doing stuff in unreal 4. Now I decided that it would be a better idea, to instead of straight jumping to big project, first make something small to get me some basic knowlege in the entire logic, blueprint etc systems of the engine.
It took me about a week, mostly due to some crazy errors, or bad decisions.
It’s only 3 block, since I didn’t want to unnecessarily complicate my first project.
Here’s the “gameplay”

And the game itself

What do you think?

looks good and i agree its good to start off small by making a project from start to finish so you can go through all the steps and see what it takes (pre-production, prototype, creation, bug fixing, polishing, etc)

i also recommend participating in gamejams with a team, it will teach source control and coordination and honestly its a ton of fun!

keep it up!

Nicely done!

Did you design it to be easily scalable to more than 3 towers/rings or is it hard coded for 3?

please add oculus rift support!
just kidding… :slight_smile:
nice work

Nice start. You could maybe animate the disks now, instead of teleporting them. Or even allow the player to drag them. That would probably be a good exercise as well.

Thanks for the feedback!
I had a plan to scale them using morphs, but ended up setting the scale in blender.
I’ll probably upgrade it for better controls, but not at the moment due to lack of time and a new project on my head.

Honestly, thats pretty cool. Good work on your first project :smiley:

Is the project written in Blueprint or C++?