Made in Unreal 3 in 2010 and still being played

Blacklight: Tango Down.

I’ve never tried it, ima check a video :smiley: lol pewdiepie played it

O.k. thanks I made one little game in UDK way back in 2007 I think.
I never had the time back then to get into Unreal but when 4 came out I dived in.

So you working again on it ? Looks pretty bad ■■■ on art!

I own this game love it still fun till this day

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Nice, I should get it : D.

So is this forum closed for good? Unreal Tournament Forum also had such problem temporarily.
This old,but not so outdated game engine needs update in circa anno domini of year of 2021. It’s still available on Steam(no cross-platform PC game playing support,yet). I think it should be re-released on Epic Games Launcher Storefront(owned by People Can Fly,CCP,Epic Games and Tencent). How unfortunate that Unreal Engine 1995 early build wasn’t finished in past,but final build in 1998 instead of Meta Human Creator and Unreal Engine 5 it would be just Unreal Engine 6 competing with IdTech 6 game engine.
UDK Forums Moving to - Epic Games Forums Is that forum closed for good permanently forever?