Made BSP static mesh now won't collide with player

I’m making my BSP’s into static meshes bc editing them, moving them is very painfully slow , so I converted to static meshes which is tons better by far.

Now the player walks through them instead of colliding even though I have block-all set.
I’ve tried all the options for collisions in Asset Browser, but nothing works.

Surely I don’t need to setup collision for each step do I, is it possible to even do that in editor…that would be tons of work…beginning to wish I h adn’t converted to static, but it was causing far too much delays in editor when I moved, or rotated static mesh to place in level where I wanted it.

Would appreciate help with this as I"ve Bing’d and I"m getting nothing on stair collisions :slight_smile:

TY anyone :wink:

Nevermind I have it, I was trying to avoid using heavy complex as simple but it works for now…later I"ll do IK to get footsteps more precise as I"ll need it for player on terrain anyway.