Made a simple 3D(Black and White with no Graphics) game, but it runs very slow on other PCs.

I have already developed the same game on Unity, before developing in Unreal. Compared to Unity,the game runs 10x slower on other PCs.

Actually my PC is higher in configuration rather then those other PCs.
So does that means high configuration PC is needed to run Unreal games even if it is a simple 3D game?

No, games should run good without a high config PC, what exactly does your game do? How many actors do you spawn?

Only one actor spawns and that is the Player and all other actors are already in level, and the actors are blueprints like 1.Box Meshes with Box Trigger, 2. Spikes made out of cones with box trigger, 3. Moving Platform with box trigger, 4. Spinning Platform with box trigger etc…

I placed the box trigger with them in blueprint so that, only when the ball lands then the player can jump.

Is this slowness happening because of I placed too much blueprints with behaviors in the scene??

Here is a snapshot of my game:

Any chance you’d be willing to upload your project so I can examine it? If you do, do not include the ‘Saved’ folder or unused Starter Content. I will not share the code with anyone else, I will just take a look at the blueprint code, and compare speeds with my PC. What are the specs on your PC, and the PCs you are testing it on? And you are testing the packaged version on other PCs?

Of course why not, wait till I upload it to goolge drive…

Here is the link to my Project:

I am getting an FPS of 120 in editor, which is about as high as UE4 will go with my GPU, now I just need to know, when you are talking about the game running slow, do you mean a low FPS? Or the ball moving slow? Also which blueprint contains the main ball movement, is it just the ball blueprint itself?

The Ball actor that spawns at Player_Start is in the Blueprints folder named (BP_TheBall)

And I told you that it works perfectly fine in my PC with FPS of 120, but very low FPS like 10-20 in other low config PC(Intel Core 2 Quad, 3GB RAM,No GPU).

Where the Unity one works just fine.

Well, I was only getting 20-30 FPS on my small game when I had no GPU either, I imagine that UE4 has high starting requirements, but normal reqs once there is lots of content in a game :\

I have made a Space Shooter game in Unity which is far more complicated then the game I’m making in Unreal. So it proves, Unity is better in performance.

and thnx for your replays :slight_smile:

UE4 requires Direct X 11. If you are running an integrated chip without a GPU you are literally not going to be able to get anything out of UE4.

There was someone who did a test spawning billions of objects in both Unity and UE4. UE4 handled it better. The best way to think of it is the Unity handles the minimum performance better if you’re going super low end, but not the high end. This is a conscious decision to make Unity accessible to the most people while UE4 was designed to produce AAA products.

You’re comparing apples with oranges.
Unity by default is targeting low spec and you have to tinker some stuff to improve quality of picture.
UE4 by settings is targeting high end spec and you’re trying to run high end picture on a PC without GPU, where all(well, almost) UE4 rendering is taking place on a GPU - of course it will be slow, despite game complexity.

Play with settings and find appropriate settings for your target spec.
I was able to increase fps from 15-20 to 120 on low spec laptop, maybe you will get same result