Made a room full of Balloons but balloons float through my ceiling.

Just need help trying to figure out why my balloons are floating through my ceiling rather than just staying in the room

Seems like a collision issue. double check your collision settings in the balloon BP and the ceiling mesh. If you cant find the problem then post a pic of the balloon BP with the collision settings.

I am some what new to Unreal so I do apologize but have a good understanding of the engine.
I am also trying to figure out how do I make it destructible with component overlap but only with specific items or force.

Edit: Ceiling is BP brush not static mesh

You could make a new Balloon as a Character Blueprint set the Gravity in the character movement component to a - number for the movement effect. Then check the Generate hit events in the capsule component. Then on capsule component hit destroy actor. I’m sure there is a easier way of doing this same effect but I am not sure how. I can’t get the balloon to register an overlap or hit event without the Character movement component.

I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for being responsive. [USER=“9437”]Seed 37[/USER]

Quick update, I was able to successfully get it to pop with a particular object, the problem being is that it won’t register it as a hit unless I “release” the object from my hands thus making me have to the “throw” the object in order to make it pop and when doing so the object I throw at it bounces off of the balloon and goes across the room lol So it works… but only when I release the object from my hand. If I did it the way I was doing it then it would simply pop on any actor overlap like the VR pawn hands. And this is actually a recurring problem overall with the VR framework. Certain things won’t register the hit without me releasing the object. Very weird

[USER=“9437”]Seed 37[/USER]
Wasn’t working as character either.
There has to be something wrong with the VR pawn. Because like I said earlier, it works but only if I throw the actor at it. Which is my biggest concern / problem.