Made a map, when try to launch in game i spawn on theIsland

Hey all, I’m fairly new to Modding so i thought maybe one of you knew what is wrong.

The problem i have now is when i try to play the map i made (load it as local game) the game starts loading primal game Bp then my ‘‘Map name’’ and if it’s ready to start up i hear the ‘bleep’ you hear when logging in to ark when you log on. Then it will continue to load TheIsland map and i spawn on the island?

so far ive checked :

  • The level BP has all the trueSky settings.
  • The weather system is working aswell.

i have no i dea what i am doing wrong atm, beeing trying to fix this for 4 days now, hope you guys can help me out :slight_smile:

Hi mazz,

Under your world settings, be sure that ‘Force load map name’ is blank.

I have the same problem, but mine also placed every sublevel I had in my scene as different maps at the host screen. None of them work, either.

hey ditsov, I did this but it´s not making a diffrence :confused:

Do you have a map with sublevels like Dastorn ?

no i do not, it’s a little map actually