Maddening Freeze with Landscape Sculpting Tools


I have a landscape that’s fairly large (a few KM square), and it behaves perfectly fine for the most part. However, starting a couple days ago, changes made to one specific component always take at least 6-7 seconds of a freeze before they’ll go through. This is basically halting my workflow for that area. I had the same thing happen in another component before for a short time but the problem went away. However, it’s been consistent in this new spot for several days despite restarts, cleaning up my hard drive, etc. I would love to know a solution for this because I’m afraid of it cropping up later in development, and it’s making this area a huge pain. I deleted most/all of the static mesh actors in the area too to see if that was causing it, but to no avail. Did the same with foliage. Still had the issue. Any ideas? Thanks.

Consider the resolution of your landscape and how many components it has.

Then consider the machine you use.

Try a smaller landscape and see if the issue persists.

Hey, sorry for the slow reply. I reloaded the same landscape into a new project and the components are all fine now. Granted, there are fewer assets than in the previous project, but not that much else is different. Seems odd that it only afflicted one area, too. Thanks for the help, hopefully the issue doesn’t crop up again but if it does I’ll look into my specs and what not.