Mad Runner [FREE] [MOBILE] [GAME]

Mad Runner
Genre:** Arcade**
Short description:
Our goal is to stay as long as possible in the barrier, collect various valuables on your way, and destroy the cargo ship that carries ammunition. This unusual trip will require you to concentrate and calculate time. You can test your strength and you must stay as long as possible on the path in one of any available character**.**
Project features:

  • Colorful, lively and crazy world .

  • 44 unique characters are not similar to each other, including spacecraft and mythical creatures

  • 21 secret characters that you need to open from the chests or make up with a card system.

  • 145 different achievements

  • Daily rewards

  • Unique items and various missions

  • The ability to paint your character in the color you like.

  • Compare your achievements in the tournament table and find out who investigated this world most of all.

  • During the game, you can find characters that aren’t available for you yet, but you can pick and evaluate them for a certain period of time.

  • During the game you will find items that will give you for a certain time of immortality, reduce your size, accelerate, defence and add bonus points for the passed path. The time of all skills can be raised in the game menu.

  • During the game you can attack a cargo ship and after the destruction you receive a reward.