Mad Max : The Road Warrior

Hey Guys!

I’m 37 years old game developer from the Europe and I’d like to introduce you my project with the code name Mad Max : The Road Warrior. Its gonna be a MMO open world game from post-apocalyptic world where the player can roam the land with similar vehicles like from the movie that means mostly the agile buggy style vehicles with good off road capabilities with no or just light armor for quick and easy movement and with mounted guns on the vehicles so players can shoot at each other along the ride for maximum fun and entertainment in the style of famous World of Tanks or newer War Thunder : Ground Forces. In contrast of these two famous titles all this’d happens on one single huge map in the style of the FUEL game ( so there would be no sessions but the map would live its life 24/7 and you could join or leave it anytime ) where’d realistically change the day and night , the weather ( rain, snow, wind, sandstorm etc. and all this would affect the vehicle behavior ) and even the seasons would change realistically and the map’d consist of various terrains but mostly of desert like environment to be suitable for driving vehicles so the player could freely roam the land and seek for the enemies ( for example he could drive up on the hill to hide his car behind the bushes then get off the car and seek for the enemies through the binoculars and then chase them or lay on the ground and start sniping them so they have no idea where the shooting is coming from ) or run and hide in the case they are stronger or even make a decoy and bring them to hands of your fellows so there will be clans you can join and patrol and protect the area of your clan against trespassers or you can go and attack the neighbor clan and try to conquer their land and join it to yours to create the most powerful clan with the largest land on the map and eventually conquer the entire map and win the entire war.

Because I want to assure the commercial success for this project and to avoid common mistakes done repeatedly by other indie developers I want to aim on the business side of the project as well, mainly on the marketing. Currently I’m looking for the people who like my idea and would like to contribute financially or by other way to turn this project into reality and to take it off. So if somebody is out there who like this idea and are willing to be involved then keep reading. What I need is the development of the demo of this game with small map suitable for gameplay of few players with at least one vehicle and multiplayer support or AI enemies so people can try it and taste it so we can convince them to support development of this project financially or by other way so they can see that this project is viable. Even more importantly than the game demo I need to create crowd-funding website to raise money for further development of this project and to spread the word so people out there know about this project and can support it. Bit later I want spend the fraction of raised money for professional Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money for in-house game development of this project to hire internal staff to assure professional quality and commercial success for this project but I want to keep it open along the way for the community as well even after this point so then anybody can contribute to this game by creating assets like new vehicles, new parts of the map, better physics, new parts of the vehicles or paint patterns ( so players can modify/tune them to be more powerful and mainly to be unique and original to distinct of other players so you can be recognized from long distance just by the shape of your vehicle or your paint or just sign of your clan painted on your vehicle so other players could know if you are friend or enemy to attack or to protect you ) etc. and if they will not be used in the main game they can be used in various mods of this game. And best of all you’ll get paid for your work even then so this way I want to pay back to community if it will help me now to take off this project so further I will keep this project open for the community for its fans so they can contribute to the development of the main game further or modify it by their own ideas to create various mods of the game to meet their expectations or make their dreams come true thus further assure the success and awareness of this game among the people.

So what I need most now is a graphic designer for the development of visual assets for the game but mainly to create beautiful and catchy graphics for the website along with the game developer to create game demo then pro quality copywriter to create catchy text for the website to convince the people to contribute for the game development and most importantly SEO expert or somebody who can create powerful internet campaign for this project. I can’t pay you right now but if we create website with campaign and the game demo then the money will start raising almost immediately and you can get paid your first money very quickly. I’d like to know guys your opinion which one game engine would be best to use for this project. In my opinion the cry engine is most suitable for creation of the outdoor environment but we need just a bit of vegetation for good vehicle passability and to assure the game will run smoothly even on low end machines to address it to the largest audience possible and don’t forget there is need to show the terrain for long distances even miles away at least for the binocular mode so the player can seek for the enemies for long distances. There would be another problem with the cry engine and that is its closed access to source code so there could be a serious problem to develop massive multiplayer ability. The Unity is most popular has a lot of assets that could save a lot of work and its the less hardware demanding but its closed source code, price and fact its not designed for this kind of games ( open world MMO ) makes it not very suitable for this job. As the best choice for this job is at least in my opinion use of the Unreal engine because its easy control and quick workflow but mainly because its open source code so there will be no restrictions that we can not overcome regardless its not very suitable along with Unity for the open world environment.

So guys let me know which engine you consider is best suitable for this job. Even if you’ll find no one of these three most popular is not then you can suggest other one in case its free or very cheap and there is no need to get expensive license to use it for this project. Yes there is another possibility to develop our own engine but it’d be time consuming and this possibility I’d put on the last place and use it just in case the project turns into success and there will be enough time and money for the development of our own proprietary game engine. I think the best way would be to develop the game demo on one of these three most popular game engines just make it for 32/64 online players and maybe not include long distance/binoculars view to make it possible to develop it quickly and cheaply and it will run smoothly even on low end machines and later we can add these features if the game turns into success. Even in case of success there is possibility that all computations will run on the server side and the user will stream the gameplay in the form of video stream so all players will run the game smoothly and on full details even on low end machines. Even then if users will demand it we can add things like bases for each clan where you can park your vehicles when you are not in the game and other members have to protect it against the other clans and the more members has the clan the bigger/stronger base of his clan will be thus more easily to protect it and you can establish new outposts/bases on outskirts of your area to take raids more quickly on neighborhood areas to conquer them more easily or there can be the refineries where would be possible to refine the crude oil to gasoline like in the movie and transport it by truck to outskirt bases to supply your outskirt forces so there will be need to protect the truck against the other clans cause it will be crucial for your war effort to supply your forces by gasoline and eventually there can be abandoned towns and villages where the players can scavenge for fuel from abandoned cars and gas stations or even we can move it closer to survival games and the players could scavenge even for food and shelter all depends of what players will want to balance gameplay perfectly between the realism and the playability accordingly to user’s feedbacks.

So if you like this idea and want to help to take off this project and turn it into reality then don’t hesitate and contact me. All kind of help is more than welcome regardless if you will put into this project your time and effort or money or just spread the word or you give us just your opinion or maybe an advice. Don’t forget guys who wants to be involved in this project directly you’ll not need to wait for your money until the development of the final version of the game and wait for its success eventually but this game will start making money right after the website will be created so you can get your first money even much sooner than the game demo will be fully developed. Even we don’t need to develop brand new assets for the demo but if you have developed already some assets suitable for this project then we can use them or even there is a lot of free assets on internet we can use like maps, vehicles, physics etc. so this project/demo can be done with almost no effort done on your side. On the other hand I’m determined to invest all my time to this project and work at it full time by managing/coordinating all stuff/staff and do anything what’s need to be done ( so its nothing even close to like just an experiment in my spare time ) to assure the commercial success to it and possibly make the first commercially successful AAA title of the MMO open world game developed by indie developer. So guys let me know your dreams, opinions and suggestions regarded to this project please.

Thanks for your attention, have a nice day and if you want then you can contact me at:

Peter Cernuska

Banshee Development Studio

I will copy to you my reply on your post in Cryengine.

Unless you have licensing from the actual IP owners, I don’t see how this will work.
At this point Mad max as an IP belongs to Director George Miller.

Also a Mad max is already under development by Avalanche Studios and is published by Warner Bros.

I suggest you change name.

Thanks for you answer but its just code name and the actual name of the game will be different.

That sounds good, In any case. Good luck.