Mad Max road warrior 1/3 scale statue with dog?

This is my Mad Max Road Warrior solid resin sculpt. Ive spent the last year back and foward working on this project. i am only making 150 of them. looking some honest feedback

Honestly - It looks awesome!

Looks really good Sculpt.

You said feedback was okay so I thought I’d point out a couple of things I noticed… his outfit looks brand new, as opposed to a more matte black due to exposure to the elements. As an example, in the shot you’re recreating, Max’s boot toes should be heavily scuffed.

I also think the colors of the dog are off and that he’s just a smidge to small. In every shot we see of the dog walking, the dog’s spine sits above the crest of the skull.

And lastly, maybe paint the base to be the road and maybe also give the gun some detailing love… especially if this is 2ft tall.

Great sculpt indeed, but outfit is too shiny. And shotgun needs also some more dirt.
So dirt, more dirt.

Ps. I am waiting for bigger and affordable 3d printers, then i print r2d2, and maybe princess.