Mad Max combat vehicular game - artist and coder wanted

Im looking for artist and coder for Mad Max combat vehicular game. I can afford currently pay up to $250 per month for each guy participating on this project and Im looking just for guys commited to this project and willing to work long term on this project for months/years with gradualy increasing salary and not for the ones that want earn quick buck and leave the project. Althought Im fully aware of very low reward for your work at the very beginning but within one month I want release very simple demo of the game to start raising more money for the development so there is good chance your salary goes up quickly. So if you like the idea and are you willing to commit long term to this project and start working for very low wage at the very beginning then send me your portfolio along with your quote how many hours you are willing to work per month for $250 on this project at because I dont visit this forum often.
Actual in-game footage from our game.

plz add more details about your project.
what kind of game it is,single player or multiplayer?

is that video from your game ?
is that what u did so far ?
or u want to develop it from scratch ?

The video is from our game and its online multiplayer and what you see there is part of the game and we have some more stuff developed already but we want port it from Unity into Unreal and continue with the development there with better visuals and everything.

Looking great so far, which makes it sad to see the $250/month budget as this isn’t going be enough to get much of a push. You might be better working on this on your side, take that money and just put it in a bank account, saving it up for as long as you can while you work on the project behind the scenes. You are going to get a lot more work done here if you pay a decent programmer $2000/month for 1-2 months than finding a new programmer for $250/month. Just a thought

Also, if you’re making a Mad Max game you’ll need to license it first

I don’t think he meant literally mad-max, I think he meant post apocalyptic cars (which is a-ok) … I hope anyway :smiley:

Yeah he doesn’t mean Mad Max. I’ve seen another thread with this project, and he wasn’t describing it as Mad Max.