Macro Expansion Help

Hello could anyone tell me where to find what the macros in ObjectMacros.h “actually” expand to. For example GENERATED_BODY(…) and UCLASS(…) inside of a Actor class expand to something. I know they are variadic macros, but the #define in the ObjectMacros.h source I’m seeing just refers to more macros. What do these macros GENERATED_BODY(…) and UCLASS(…) actually expand to when parsed by the preprocessor(s) inside of an Actor class?

Also, I have access to the source on Github but I cannot find the implementation of the UnrealHeaderTool (UHT). Is the UHT implementation on github?


The header tool generates code that you will find in YourClassHeader.generated.h files.
This is why YourClassHeader.generated.h header must be always the last include as well.

Thanks and I found the UHT implementation under Engine\Source\Programs\UnrealHeaderTool