Macky's Quest

Currently working on a game called Macky’s Quest, at the moment I am working on the first level and game play, C&C is welcome!

Game Plot:
*Macky is a 5th generation shepherd and 3rd generation apprentice wizard, his sheep go missing one day and he sets out on a mission to find out what happened, in doing so he finds out that a crazy scientist has abducted his sheep and is performing experiments on them - in a twist the scientist is actually one of a race of tiny aliens who occupy human like robots and they are the ones experimenting on his sheep! Since sheep are kept by humans in every populated area and they tend to outnumber the humans at least 2 to 1 the aliens have decided that the sheep would make the perfect shock troops to help them take over the world, if only they could work out a way of transforming them all at once… So starts “Macky’s Quest” to stop the alien invasion.

So far I need to change the distance and height of the follow camera as the character obscures too much of the screen and to add 1st/3rd person switch.
Also since this video I have dialled down the lense flare since it is WAAAAAAY to much here lol
I have no HUD yet but I am designing it :slight_smile:

Howdy OddByte3D,

Great work so far in Macky’s Quest! I love the arm movement when he is walking around while holding onto nothing. Keep up the great work and be sure to keep us updated as you progress along in the development of your project!

Have a great day!

I’ve just look at your video and it was really cool ^^ It looks like an interesting discovering world travel game that i can share “game playing time” with my kids which is more than fair for me. I wish you the best to succeed.

Just a quick update, currently working on the mad scientists mansion, I am trying to add a bit of cartoon look to the mansion but I think I might have over done it a bit lol, let me know what you think…

ps. Ignore any textures… just doing some tests

Mad Scientist

Hi All, working on a concept for the mad scientist in Macky’s Quest, I know this is not really Unreal related but C&C is welcome please!

I have been working on this for a couple days now, most of the bugs have been ironed out and it is working quite good, this is a preview of how the levitate spell will work.
I have given a fair bit of thought as to how the levitate HUD should look and this is what I have come up with, please if you have any ideas as to improvements I would love to hear from you!

Just a quick update on the Levitate spell, the user interface has been completely redesigned and made in UMG, it works much better and is easier for the user as well, please give me some feedback or suggestions!!

The button textures still need some work but the I like the general feel so far :slight_smile:

Nice work here.

Working on mocking up a title screen for Macky’s Quest, please let me know what you think!

Thanks Galeon!

Very nice work indeed, i see alot of potential for this :slight_smile: