Machine learning on animations


Please watch this YT video:
Is posible do that on Unreal Engine??
it seems awesome
You know something about machine learning on Unreal Engine? Documentation, tutorials, etc


Is this available for purchase anywhere? Would they trade for slave labor even?

Not quite what you are looking for, but this much be easier to implement and does work for modern games. And has the same advantages. There’s been a few threads about the technique on these forums already.

You won’t be able to implement this in current UE4 without a source code change.
I’ve requested a fix to unlock certain functions that would allow implementation of this kind of animation system:

They said “NO”.
Unless you keep a modified version of the engine built by yourself the engine won’t allow you to do this.

This is definitely a breakthrough from using limited motions. This system is alot more fluid and dynamic.

They said in one of streams in the last year that there is no existing plan for support of motion matching in UE - at least for now. But they’re watching this technology.