Machine install limit?

Before I subscribe I want to know how it will work owning two computers at home and subscribing to UE4.

Can I install it on both computers, or do I am I limited to the amount of machines I can download the editor to?

I haven’t downloaded it yet so I’m just wondering how this will work, so I can determine if I need to install it only on my most powerful computer.

Thanks in advance.

Hey achalmers,

There is no limit to the amount of systems you can install the engine to. You’re restricted by the EULA only in making sure that there is only one person per subscription. I currently have it both on my main PC and Macbook here in the office, with no problems.

Have fun diving in!

Ben Halliday

Awesome, thanks Ben!

I am trying to install it on 2 computers, it installs fine on the first one but not on the second why is that? I cant even log in, it states it wont authenticate.

Are you able to start the Launcher?

I posed as a question, but I can start the launcher but wont let me log in to download the engine on a different computer

Thank you. We’ll address the issue there, since it isn’t a machine limit that’s causing it.