Macedonian Developers

За македонски развивачи на игри и за сите што користат кирилична азбука!

There’s no country called Macedonia.

The Republic of Macedonia will be sorry to hear that.

I just had to LOL at that one haha! :slight_smile:

Don’t tell them :wink:

Macedonia is a street in Bulgaria xD

This is just so funny. I love it haha!

Being from Skopje, Macedonia, I forgive the immature attitude of the comments above. A salute to my Greek, Bulgarian, Albanian and all other neighbors or people from the Balkans working on Unreal Engine. Regardless of the hate nationalism and political tensions in our common region. All people are not driven by hate, bias, and we all do not discriminate each other. Its normal for the internet maybe. But reality is not like that. Actually in the Balkans we’re friendly and good people and we mostly go along well with each other. But most comments on the internet being based on frustration I understand the nature of the comments in this thread.

And if there are people on the forums who care about Unreal Engine, maybe they should focus on Unreal Engine instead of acting immature on forums and bashing my country on its name. I sure hope that hate-driven individuals are not the people designing the games of the future. And I appeal to people from my country not to be discouraged to join the forums because of such talks.

I don’t like conflicting attitudes even on the internet, that is kind of like in the early days of internet trolling when lifeless creatures were doing venting to get rid of their own frustration. And there is a logical saying, “Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you.” So people should really try to be a little bit more considerate. Instead of trying to hate on somebody’s country maybe you should ask them how they got to know the software the forum is about. Wouldn’t that be kind of more constructive? Do discuss ideas, help each other out, make the world a better place?

Maybe a person from a country you hate is the most adequate for a project on a game. High are the chances if you hate on a country then you’re a neighbor with some sort of social/political bias. Meaning that you’re not being objective about things and lack a constructive attitude. You should judge people on their experience, skills, culture, worldview. Not from where they are, and the color of their skin. That is so 20th century and painfully sad.

So instead of focusing on this I hope to actually re-focus this thread from “my country not being a country” and instead ask:

How are you all? Nice to meet you. Any people from the Balkans here? (no I don’t care about my country’s name, if that will cause you a panic attack) I am new to the forums and I hope we will get along nicely.

Така што ги молам тие кои што се присутни да ми пишат приватна порака доколку ги интересира било каква соработка за создавање видео игри во Unreal, и ги поканувам да не ги допрат пораките на интелектуалците погоре. Има секакви луѓе. За жал такви се, но треба да бидеме подобри од нив. Опростете им, еден ден кога ќе созреат ќе им стане јасно како незрело се однесувале.

In a nutshell, a hello to all people who love making video games. I hope to learn a lot from these forums.
Nice to meet all of you.

+1 and greetings from a fellow Bulgarian.I havent been in my country since many years but atleast that helped me to understand and respect others more.Let knowledge be a better guide for us.

Macedonia is a region in Greece in the north of that is a Slavic country called North Macedonia

Здраво дечки, да прашам ако некој знае дали има нокој курсеви за Unreal визуелно програмирање во Скопје?
Гледам дека нема многу активност овде но сепак да пробам.

Исто така би сакал да најдам нокој кој е со средно или добро познавање на Unreal визуелно програмирање во Скопје. Веќе долго работам во Unreal може да се каже повеќе од 5 год., но работам како 3d environment artist и левел дизајн па би сакал да се здружам со некој кој ќе може да работи на делот со програмирање и да направиме неколку мали проекти зедно за почеток, а понатака и нешто големо.
Би сакал да пробаме на кикстартер или слично :slight_smile:

Може да ме котактирате на меил или директно овде на форумот