MacBook: Screen Problems / UE4 Froze on Material


i just get Unreal Engine4 for my MacBook 2013 with Yosemite,

sometimes there are small Screen Problems, there is a flickering at my Screen (like a old tv)

Also the Engine froze every time for 5 Minutes if a add a Material :confused:

Is there any Solution for that?

Mfg, Simon

If you see momentary black flickering on the screen when using an Intel GPU this is already known & logged internally as [UE-6124] & it appears to be a driver bug so has been filed with Apple. There has been no suggested solution.

There are other open AnswerHub topics about material/texture freezes - in summary they are perfectly normal behaviour in UE4.

In case you have mac with a dedicated and an internal GPU:

Even if this a driver Problem, the loading time can be reduced if you switch off the automatic change betwen the dedicated and integrated GPU in your Energy Settings (System > Preferences > Energy Settings)