Macbook Pro

Hello everybody,
I’m planning to buy the new macbook pro with Radeon Pro 460. Now I have an Asus Rog G750J with intel core i7 4700HQ 2.4Ghz, ssd 256gb + HDD 756gb 7200rpm, ram 16gb and Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 770M 3gb.
Can you please tell me if the new macbook pro ( i7 2.7Ghz, 16gb Ram, 512 SSD and Radeon Pro 460 4gb) is better than Asus Rog G750J when it comes to using Unreal Engine 4? Thanks a lot.

The new Macbook Pro is just on par with your current laptop, not really any better (besides a faster SSD, but that’s not going to improve UE4 performance).

Performance in UE4 on the Macbook would actually be worse because it’s using a 2880x1800 a screen vs 1920x1080, over 2x the pixel count. (Unless you don’t mind lowering the resolution/resolution scaling to match)

Hi ZacD, thanks for your answer! What can you tell me about overheating? thanks.