Mac Troubleshooting Support

Hi Unreal Dev Team,

I’ve been trying to get some C++ programming to work in Xcode for a couple of days now, but I’ve been running into issues nobody seems to know how to resolve. It’d be great if we could get some dedicated MacOSX development help especially on errors that other people seem to have a lot too (Shell Script Invocation errors exiting with a variety of exit codes - I’ve seen exit code 2 is most prevalent but I get exit code 5 myself). The documentation isn’t very extensive either; it has a full wiki page on C++ programming for Visual Studio, but for Xcode, it simply says us to change the target schemes (but then doesn’t tell us what to set the schemes to; I’ve found that out by doing some community searching) and then hit Build.

Maybe Mac OSX is tricky to troubleshoot. Okay. But could we at least get some sort of tech guy to come help us Mac users out when we’re in trouble?

I have a couple of questions/suggestions on what would be good to get more accessible help with:

  • Compiling the Editor from code;
  • Compiling plug-ins from code;
  • Common Compile Error troubleshooting tips ( exit codes);
  • Creating custom classes using Xcode;
  • A clearly indexed forum sticky post with links to various help resources.

I know there’s not a lot of documentation or YouTube help on Programming to begin with - BluePrint seems far more loved and I guess you need to dedicate all your resources towards that, but I’d like to request what I’m requesting anyway in the hopes of being able to start coding. It’s a little frustrating when you set out to start coding a game and you reach a hitch on step one and seem to have no guides to follow to help clear it up.

Thanks Epic. Still love your work. I just want to get my hands dirty with some code.