[Mac] | Text rendering errors (Graphic cards)

everytimes I open the Unreal Editor 4,
the whole text is shown up in boxes (File in the attachments).
I don’t know how to remove this.
If I start the UE4, it says, that I use the wrong Graphic Card.
Is there a way (For example with older versions) how to remedy this error?
Thank you


Hi Scrapnix.

As the warning mentions, it sounds like you’ll just need to upgrade to a card that supports OpenGL 4.1 or later if you wish to use the Unreal Engine.

Please see: Supported Graphics Drivers on Linux | Unreal Engine Documentation (click on the ‘Mac OS’ tab)

I’m aware that you are also crashing whenever you open a project, and that is also likely related to unsupported hardware.


Sorry, I was dump, my Mac is very old and has only 4 GB Ram too. I will close that thread and stop working with UE4 until I’ll get a new.PC with new Hardware :slight_smile:

We hope to see you back again someday!