Mac Screenshot-- How to get rid of Actors you don't want?

New user to UE4ā€¦

This is the screenshot generated from the High Resolution Screenshot control:

How do I get rid of the reflector ball and the BoxReflectionCapture and LightMassPortal icons?

If you press ā€œGā€ on your keyboard (alternatively click the little down arrow next to your viewport options (ie - perspective) and click Game mode), it will hide icons. Hope this helps!

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Thanks. Very helpful. Is there a way to stretch the screen to the full display?

No problem! By stretching the screen, do you mean having the editor viewport fullscreened? If so, press F11, or alternatively, click that same drop down arrow from the previous post and click Immersive View. Otherwise, you can resize the viewports by clicking and dragging the edges of each panel to whatever size you like best. :slight_smile:

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