Mac OSX crash on open project issue

HI Epic Team

i created the project from Win 7

and i copied to Mac for Packaging to iOS Device(iPad Air)

(in fact i did it on the other project and it was work fine)

but it always crash on open project with Mac

Mac Device Detail:

MacbookPro OSX 10.9.4

processor:Intel Core i7 2.3 GHz

memory: 8GB

graphic card:

Intel HD Graphics 4000(build in)

NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M

Here are the crash report file
link text

There’s a bung fragment shader somewhere in 4.4 - you can see in the log that the shaders aren’t being successfully linked into a program object because the vertex shader doesn’t write to the HIT_PROXY_ID semantic. We’ll look into this.


I test same project and try to figure out.

I notice two things cause crash reasons.

First one is Foliage

I created lot Grass(From SpeedTree)with Foliage(about 2000+ instances)

Delete Foliage and fix first one problem.

second one is “BP_Random_Foliage”

This is a asset BP and copied from BlueprintExsamples of MarketPlace

i delete all BP_Random_Foliage and project will not crash again

I don’t know it is bugs or i did something wrong

anyway, thank you read and help .


This is the same problem as: Mac Editor: Crash when opening Landscapes level from ContentExamples - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums and should have been fixed in 4.4.1, update and make sure that it has fixed it for you.