Mac OS Dedicated Server

I’m trying to make a Mac OS dedicated server, however all the tutorials are outdated and I’ve tried to implement all of them and I’ve had no success. I’ve tried to read the documentation but maybe I am looking for the answers in the wrong places.
Does anyone have a good tutorial for setting up a dedicated UE4~UE5 server on Mac OS, and or can point me to the right documentation so I can figure this out. Thanks

I think making a dedicated server for mac os is not much different like a process of making a dedicated server for Windows. Some times ago I built UE4 from source under intel-based mac. All is fine. Do the same, add some files and code for working server, as you can read in prepare windows-dedicated-server docs.

I have gotten the source code and I’ve followed the windows methods I think it may be something with Xcode but I don’t have an option to compile a dedicated server on Xcode.

You should scroll down a github unreal engine source code page:

I have :sob:. I’ll probably Try on windows and figure out how the built target fields are made and I’ll try to replicate it on Mac OS.

Do you complete the step which I mentioned above?
This is a main step. It is not much different like in Windows.
Where are you got a problem?

Yes, the first place I went was to those docs, its better to spend 5 mins in docs than hours of debugging. However I think my issue is that on visual studio(Windows) you can click on the “Project Server Target” and generate project files, whilst on Xcode i don’t think I can do that. So when I put in the “project server target” file to generate the server build config nothing is happening. There might be something extra I need to do with Xcode so it can see the file and generate the project files and add the new build configurations.

For the first time in mac os or in windows you should compile an engine from source as mentioned in an article above. Both in windows and mac os you won’t get “project server target” automatically to compile server. To get it you should execute this Setting Up Dedicated Servers | Unreal Engine Documentation. This is for Windows but you need a little force to remake it for mac os.

Alright I’ll go through this server doc again today and I’ll let you know what happened.