Mac executable extension for perforce typemap

We use perforce for source control and would like a default extension on these following files so they can be added to the typemap as specified here Using Perforce as Source Control for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation . All these files are under Engine\Binaries\Mac. Their names are DsymExporter, MinidumpDiagnostics, ShaderCompileWorker, UnrealAtoS, UnrealFileServer, UnrealHeaderTool, UnrealLightmass and UnrealPak.

Hello ardneran,

Perforce specifics are not my expertise so excuse me if I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking for but I believe that you can added files such as these to the typemap through the use of the workspace related attribute “+X” in Perforce. You can find more information about how this attribute works here:

Hope this helps!

Sorry here is a clearer explanation. Instead of adding the following lines.

binary+w //depot/…DsymExporter
binary+w //depot/…MinidumpDiagnostics
binary+w //depot/…ShaderCompileWorker
binary+w //depot/…UnrealAtoS
binary+w //depot/…UnrealFileServer
binary+w //depot/…UnrealFileServer
binary+w //depot/…UnrealHeaderTool
binary+w //depot/…UnrealLightmass
binary+w //depot/…UnrealLightmass

I think it would be easier if they all had a common extension which can be added as follows. Then these files become


binary+w //depot/…blah

Unfortunately these files are Unix/BSD executables. These, by default, do not have extensions and cannot have extensions added. If you would like these types of files to be included in typemaps, it would be best to request that this feature be added to Perforce itself.

Have a nice day.

Thanks for the explanation .