Mac engine build much different than Windows?

While looking at ways to build the 4.24.1 engine from source quickly, I noticed the Mac build process is much, much different than what the build does on Windows. On the Mac, there is just a little time spent on some small starter projects, then nearly the entire build is done in one massive 3042-task, very parallelizable step. On Windows, many smaller projects are built taking a long time and done in small pieces that do not parallelize well before the big central portion is reached.

Why is it done this way and is it possible to restructure the Windows build to be more parallel-friendly?

For example, on the Mac, the Unreal build just builds ShaderCompilerWorker and UnrealHeaderTool, which are likely true dependencies of other stuff down further in the build, and then the next build phase is UE4Editor, which builds pretty much everything in one giant step.

But on Windows, 4.24.1 builds all these and more, taking a long time and not parallelizing well: