Mac Editor: Viewport stops responding to mouse navigation

I haven’t found the pattern yet, but this has been occassionally happening since 4.4.0. Somehow after bringing the editor back into the foreground, the level editor stops responding to navigation. That is, if I right-click to fly around, it won’t fly. Same with any of the other mouse navigation stuff. Clicking on objects to select them still works, though.

The only hint I have at the moment is, it happens after the application has gone to the background and/or been hidden, and probably for some length of time, but it’s not yet 100% reproducible. Not so helpful, I know…

  • UE 4.4.2 Binary
  • OS X 10.9.4

Ok, it actually has to do with a second UE editor window behind the main level editor window. (Materials editor, mesh editor, etc)

The mouse clicks are essentially clicking through the first window into the one behind it. I can confirm this by clicking and dragging in the level editor, switching to the mesh editor and seeing that the model was rotated, etc.

And the mouse eating behavior is not strictly limited to the viewport, but the entire window.

Still working on trying to repeat it reliably.

Hey Swillits,

Do you think it may be related to this?

Hmm. It sounds similar but not exactly the same. I can cycle between windows without a problem, which is unlike what the devel.bmad describes, and I definitely don’t end up triggering it in the same way. It could be caused by the same underlying problem though.

Hey swillits,

I have not been able to reproduce this at all. I will keep this issue on my radar, so please reply to this post if you’re able to find some reliable reproduction steps. Thanks!