[Mac] Editor Remains Open After Closing


Experienced this bug when running on Mac OS X 10.11.5 in both UE 4.12.3 as well as 4.12.4. It didn’t happen in earlier versions of the engine.

When I close a project in the Editor, the Editor remains open as is visible on my Taskbar: there’s still two icons present for the Unreal Editor processes and also in the Force Quit window the two processes are present. You cannot Force Quit the programs, or rather, doing so has no effect. They do not appear as processes in the Activity Monitor. They’re just ghosting. I haven’t noticed a big hit on performance, so it doesn’t look like the actual editor is still active. Just the closing program is ghosting or some such.

Reproduceable in 100% of the cases where I close the Editor: through the red X button, through the quit menu, through ⌘+Q quit and through Force Quit.

It does prevent my Mac from shutting down, logging off or restarting, however. A hard shut down is required to get the hanging Editors to disappear.

The problem can be avoided when I save a project right before closing it, no matter whether I made any changes or not.

However, if I close the Project Loading window (naturally there’s nothing to save there), I cannot prevent the bug.

Hi Shrooblord,

I was not able to reproduce this in a Blank Third Person Project on a MacBook Pro, Running. Can you reproduce this on a blank project, no starter content or does this only occur in your custom project?


Hi Shrooblord,

Since we have not heard back from you in a few days, we are closing this post for tracking purposes. However, if you are still experiencing an issue with the Editor remaining open after you’ve closed it using the red “X” button, please respond with the requested information above and we will continue to investigate.



Yes, it turns out that this problem was local to my machine. I have been reinstalling my OS X numerous times now and manually replacing my old files from backup in order to find the corrupting file that was causing the issue.