Mac Crashes after I downloaded it after I hit Play

Help!!! UE4.8 is crashing after download. I have a MacBook Pro with ample space. After I load the editor everything is extremely slow! At first it would generate a crash report, but now it just completely crashes my Mac! There is also a window that pops up asking “do you want the application “ue4editor.App” to accept incoming network connections?” with the answers allow or deny. If I allow and put in my admin info, will this solve the problem?! Or is there something else? Please respond quickly because I am eager to start learning!



Yes, you’ll need to accept incoming network connections on the Mac to continue. If there are still crashes after that, please let us know.

This time it keeps asking me for the user info over and over again even after I have changed the firewall settings in the security and privacy settings. Is there a way to make that stop?

Can you show me some screenshots of what you’re seeing? Please get the Mac specs and post them here in a reply. You can find this information in the Apple Menu > About This Mac. Additionally, if you’re still crashing, please copy the information in the Crash Reporter window, including the Machine ID, and paste it here. Thanks!

ok basically i open up the editor and at like 96 percent it crashes. I have attached some screenshots leading up to the crash and my mac info. Thank you so much for helping me.


You’re running with a fairly old MacBook, and your graphics card uses OpenGL 3.3. UE4 requires OpenGL 4.1 to run on Macs, and I’m betting you’re crashing because of this. To confirm, can you copy the information in the Crash Reporter window when it comes up after this crash occurs, please? Thanks!

could i send the crash reporter via unreal because it is very large

I managed to get the crash report from the engine btw

I just need the information in the Crash Reporter window when it pops up (and I need you to hit Send). It should include a MachineID that will help me look it up in our system. Does the Crash Reporter window come up after this crash?

yes i can send it

i have sent the crash report

Thanks! Can you get me the Machine ID that it shows in the report?

how do you get the machine id after it is sent?

If you can reproduce the crash again, it’ll be in the Crash Reporter window. Just copy it and paste it here, please.

alright one sec

i got this beautiful display and still waiting for a crash report

i cant get the crash report now. im just getting funky images. But when i sent the crash report, i wrote AKSOM problem in the write a message part

assuming this is a graphics card problem what should i do?

Ah, good, thank you, I was able to look it up that way. I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information for you.

ok thank you