Mac compile fails since 16th of april / physx::apex

Hi Epic,

Before 16th of april, my stuff compiled just fine. Then I did a git checkout which downloaded newest version of binary dependencies, and now my compile fails. I also updated XCode to newest version, but that didn’t help. So basically

$ Engine/Build/BatchFiles/Mac/ UE4Editor macosx Debug

crashes with

Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:

and more, which to me looks like gitdeps.xml file has a problem. Here’s a gist of me trying to compile

I already tried obvious things like “Engine/Build/BatchFiles/Mac/ clean UE4Editor macosx Debug”, deleting Thirdparty folder, re-running, updating XCode and cloning source repo fresh from github.

Can anyone confirm that compiling 4.7.6 on Mac works?

Best regards,

Removing .ue4dependencies and then git checkout -f – fixed problem :slight_smile:

@Epic: It would be helpful to document that caches stuff in .ue4dependencies

Hi fxtentacle,

I’m unclear on why you’re using .sh files for a Mac build. If you’re building for OSX, you’d want to use Setup.command, instead.