Mac 4.9.2: 150% CPU when idle in Editor?

Try to limit the FPS

This is my first time back to UE4 for a while and after installing 4.9.2 and playing with an example project (it was the Basic Code C++ sample, with the table and chairs) I noticed that my fan was doing lots of work even though I wasn’t doing anything. This settled down after a while however the Unreal Editor was still taking 150% CPU while I was doing nothing.

Is this a known issue?

System: iMac late 2015 (i5/16GB/GeForce GT 755M).
O/S: 10.11.1 (El Capitan).

Thanks; I’ll give that a go.

OK, just reopened the project and the editor is taking no CPU at all, even before I applied your suggested fix. Instead the GameLauncher is taking 150% and after closing that down, all is well. I don’t understand that, but this situation is much better, though I am uncertain what is happening.