M4A1 model disapeared off marketplace

Many moons ago I purchased this

As you can see it’s no longer for sale as well it has been removed from my launcher which has me concerned that there is some kind of legal issue that I should be aware of considering I have the item included in a current project I’m working on.

The other concern is I did pay for the item and a bit annoyed that it has been removed from my launcher with out notice and concerned that Epic has the power to remove items with out refund or credit.

I did notice that the weapon is branded in the material and if this is the cause with in my ability to remove it.

Failing a response here is there someone I can contact about this as it is one of the best M4A1 examples?

I agree, that’s worrying. I would send an email to the marketplace people, they’re usually helpful.

I imagine it has something to do with the fact that the asset hasn’t been updated since 4.12.

If they remove a product you purchased it doesn’t matter how old it is they should refund what you paid for. Customers can’t be denied the use of a purchased product due to sellers mistakes (if any) and lose the money in the process.