M18 Smoke [Low Poly|No Textures] WIP

Hello everyone,

First of all sorry if I post this in the wrong forum, because I am not sure if this is only for UE4 Levels and Games. But that is just a model I wanted to make to practice my modelling skills.

Here is some info about it:
Polygons: 673
Triangles: 1 440
Vertices: 750

I’m beginner and I don’t make really clean models but here are some pics :smiley:

This is the whole cleaned model and with edges:
b5405d45f08b7da2b82ad636f2c3377f6a0b9dca.png c1394eb6f3aabcdfd6c2c64e9657071c47137bbb.png

These are close up:
M18 Clean Close.PNG M18 Edged Close.PNG

This is wireframe:
M18 Wireframe.PNG

I want to make textures for the model, but I have problems making the UV map because I don’t know how to do them :frowning:

I will upload the .max and .fbx file for you guys. I will update the page with textures and all high poly version as soon as I create it :slight_smile:

Here are the links:

Ill be happy to unwrap it for you if you like

Also, when modelling circles make sure that you optimize them a little better, here is a sloppy example of how i fixed them, i wont spend too much time on it but you get the idea, it can lead to anything from unwrap problems to texture stretching.
i will upload the unwrapped version when i finish



did a real fast and dirty unwrap, it should be good enough for you to plant a texture on it. best of luck.

Have to start somewhere. Just keep on the grind and you will do fine.

Thanks for helping fixing the holes and unwrapping. But I want to learn to do it myself. Do you know where I could watch a video or something? Everytime I unwrap a mesh it becomes so big it doesn’t match the uv space :(. I suppose I’m doing something wrong so I want to learn it really!

What program are you using, then we can point to a proper tutorial on uv unwrapping. Because each program handles it quite differently.

I don’t really know any programs, I only used 3ds max once but failed to do a proper UV map. I watched a tutorial from Digital-Tutors but again could’t get a good uv map. The texture was different from all sides… too small or too big, it wasn’t seamless and that kind of stuff…

OzoneBG, what software did you use to create THIS model, then we can point you to some tutorial links specific to that software.

I like the model, think it could be optimised a bit though, 673 polys seems a tad on the big size for a granade (SP?)

I created the granade with 3ds max 2012. What is SP :smiley:

Okay I tried to do myself and unwrap and see what happened:
UV Map.jpg

I rendered the UV map from 3ds Max with black background color and applied it to the mesh. I know they not good but that’s from first try? Any suggestions?