M14 DMR Pack with various skins and attachments

Hello everyone!

I have just released my new M14 DMR pack!

The asset pack currently comes with:

  • M14 DMR
  • Bipod
  • Scope
  • Bullet
  • Suppressor
  • Magazine
  • Black camo skin
  • Stock skin
  • Digi camo skin
  • Snow camo skin
  • Woodland camo skin

These are the current features, but I would like to add more skins and possibly attachments as well, if there’s demand for it. I have posted pictures of some of the different skins and variants here, but you can also give the models a better look if you check out this sketchfab link:

If you would like to get your hands on the M14 DMR Pack, then here’s the gumroad link:
I would also like to give all of you a good deal on the pack, so remember to use code ‘50ue4’ at checkout to get 50% off your purchase :cool: