Check out my game concept on Indiegogo.

You have my intrigue.

However, even the Indiegogo lacks information. The video is just a video to advertise UE4, not your game. Have you got any screenshots? Videos?

I would advise putting a little more information here in the forums if you want to draw more attention to your crowd funding.

Is the image above from the game? Or is a photomanipulation in PS?



More infos than “check this out on xxx.com” would be cool !

its just in the concept stage right now. Without funding I have no way to hire the team I want. And dear god there expensive Lol. That is the game picture above, but it was made in paint shop…
Here is the map concept i made. just a rough draft subject to change. I know my art sucks.

Utilizing Unreal Engine 4, With “M.O.S.S.” We are Implemening Features That Have Never Been Seen Before on PC & Consoles! A First Person Shooter With RPG & RTS Elements. A Rich Dynamic Gameplay System. An Open World Solo & Online Multiplayer Sandbox With Competitive Elements. Best of All, You can Play The Way You Want With Thousands of Customizable Options In A Massive Dynamic Environment With Deadly Ecosystems And Wildlife Known As The Bio-Dome!
the only showcase video I have is this & its just a support package I bought, then I got the rights to use it from the maker.

Can’t you just make a start on some of the elements of the game yourself, while you are waiting to get funding?

What is your skill set? Are you an artist? Programmer? Level designer? Composer?

It just seems a bit strange that you are asking for funding of an idea, with no tangible proof of a game.

I can’t imagine your crowd funding will be tremendously successful without a little more substance. I have seen nearly fully fledged games fail with crowd funding.

Sorry if this is coming off a little negative, I am just a bit bemused by it all.

You made my day :smiley:

What’s your skill set? Because it seems very much like your Indiegogo campaign is: I have a vague idea for a game, pay me to get some people to make it for me. What evidence do you have of a solid concept? Of any work done so far on the project (aside from a marketplace BP you’ve made a video of)?

I can tell you already that you won’t get $500,000, that much is obvious. But I’d be impressed if anyone even gave you another $10.

If you want to make a game, make a game. Don’t ask other people to pay / make it for you.

i have an amazing team lined up. just no money to hire them sadly, putting the team aside, i am basically useless as far as game design goes i can map a little & i can write code about as well as a 15 year old modder.
honestly, i was shocked when i got my first donation. I have a little black book full of ideas & dynamic systems for just about everything i even came up with a plant that grows fuel & is reactive with in the environment.

All i have is a complete detailed game concept ready for development.

If you find this concept intriguing & your interested in working on it, i am willing to split the game up into royalties, I’m only taking 5%, after unreal engine takes its 5% that leaves 17 slots if anyone is willing to work for 5% royalties…
But i doubt anyone wants to work on a project for 6-12 months with out getting payed until the game goes live. I know the concept has high potential because some of the gameplay is based on WCA’s Basewars which took off.
In reality any properly balanced game where players can troll each other & try to survive in a streamlined fast paced open world with loads of weapons, vehicle combat, & Deadly AI is bound to take off, add realistic bullet physics, Dynamic fire propagation, Realistic dynamic destruction, then give players the choice to play anyway they want, That’s a game i would play. Think of it as a hybrid between: Farcry 4, Evolve, Brink, The Outfit, 7 days to die, The Division & Crysis…

An FPS RTS RPG open world MMO game with thousands of customizable items and all you can showcase is an illegible map/fractal and a video someone else made showcasing their work that they made that isn’t even integrated into your own project. And you want to invest $500,000 in two months after saying you have no personal expertise. Even the picture you use in your campaign isn’t even your own work, with minimal effort I was able to locate where you obtained it.

$50 USD raised by 1 backers - 0% of $500,000

You’re using past successful projects as a measure of assurance for your own future success…
But you have no plan of execution, absolutely no skills, and no friends willing to work for free.
The game is a complex multiplayer multi-vehicle game that will probably also need hosting…
If you really have some ideas, shoot for a prototype showing off a basic demo, or just drop it.