A little project to test Unreal Engine 4

Hope you like it, C&C are welcome!

Simple and very good looking! Can I ask you where is modeled? What about lightmaps? They look very clear

Thank you, the whole scene is modeled with blender, for the lightmaps i’ve opted for a resolution of 512 on all the biggest objects, like floor and walls, and under 512 for all the other objects, the lighting quality on the video is on preview, for faster render, when i finish the scene i’ll switch to production.


Very nice. A few questions? What are you hitting for a realtime FPS? Also, not being a Blender user, care to share a little info on your workflow?

Thank you!

Well it’s not that different from any other software workflow, after the modelling and texturing the various asset, i set up the UV coordinates for the lightmaps, and the UBX mesh (in this case i’ve not maded any UBX mesh couse the project is only for cinematic use). I’m trying to export alla the object as a single mesh, so that i can use them in future projects.

If you want some more details you just have to ask! :slight_smile:

Up, added vegetation

Nice work.

I think you went over the top with the roughness on some parts like stairs. Also maybe a bit less bloom.

Can you share the grass?

p.s : I assume that you want feedback.

I absolutely want feedback :slight_smile: for The roughness you are right, i forgot to adjust it, i was using an older release of UE, and switching to 4.6 has changed some materiale settings. The grass i used is already shared ob YouTube by a guy who named it “advanced grass UE4”
The Garden of Eden in Unreal Engine 4 - Darker Ve…:
There is The download link

Soon i’ll upload the progress on this work

Here is the last Update: