M.EXE - Monster Battle Game On Steam

Hello, I’m Pedro Zea and my game M.EXE is coming to Steam Early Access tomorrow, July 29th.

Steam Store Page:

M.EXE is a multiplayer, real-time, monster battle game where you and your monster compete versus other monsters and trainers. You can customize your monster’s abilities and stat points and then test your skills as a trainer. The game was most heavily inspired by Digimon World 1 on the playstation.

The game is still in an early state but you can already play multiplayer battles with other players as well as battle AI of various difficulties. A more single-player focused mode is also coming very soon. Battles can be fought in 1v1 or 2v2(up to 4 players). You can even play 1v2 if you’re feeling brave or co-op with a friend vs an AI duo team. The game has Xbox Controller Support. The game supports Local Multiplayer but you need two controllers to play right now.

I’m constantly updating the game and many more monsters, abilities, and features are on their way.

Thanks for checking my game out :slight_smile: