Lyra with EOS

Currently trying to setup the Lyra project with Epic Online Services, but every time i try to launch the game it returns with this error

LogOnline: Error: OSS: UEOSSettings::AutoGetSettingsForArtifact() failed due to missing config object specified. Check your project settings
LogOnline: Error: OSS: FOnlineSubsystemEOS::PlatformCreate() failed to find artifact settings object for artifact ()
LogOnline: Warning: OSS: EOS API failed to initialize!
LogOnline: OSS: Created online subsystem instance for: NULL
LogOnline: OSS: TryLoadSubsystemAndSetDefault: Loaded subsystem for module [NULL] 

I have edited the EOS plugin settings to have the appropriate information in (see screenshot with red to hide the private keys), but it still returns with this error, is there something im doing wrong?

We found that you need to run LyraGameEOS at the command line and include the -EpicApp=YOURARTIFACTNAME argument in addition to -AUTH_TYPE=accountportal -AUTH_LOGIN=YOUREMAIL -AUTH_PASSWORD=YOURPASSWORD.

That error you get in PlatformCreate comes from this line:
FParse::Value(FCommandLine::Get(), TEXT(“EpicApp=”), ArtifactName);

I’d imagine this will be addressed in future releases of the 5.0 engine.

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I am currently stuck with the same problem and I was just wondering what goes in auth_type, auth_login and auth_password? I have tried putting in “Steam” as well as my steam credentials.