Lyra (#UE4-21)

Hello everybody,
Im new here so not sure if its a correct forum im on but wanted to ask about Lyra and in general about game creation and then selling it.

There was a new feature called Lyra introduced and it has all the game mechanics included to create online shooter. My question is can I open one of Lyra projects, replace mannequins with characters i would have created in character creator, change environments and save it as a level - then create 30 such levels and sell it as my own game or would those mechanics and environments from the megascans, incorporated into unreal, be copyright protected and they are not for sale in our project but only provided as learning tools. If you have some useful links on the subject or a straight answer please help, I would higly appreciate some clarification on this one. #development-discussion UE4-20 #general

Yes you can do that. If you source from Epic your covered under fair use. You just need to pay the royalty fees once you exceed the profit cap.

Thank you so much for the fast answer, have a great day! :slight_smile:

Worth noting that there appears to be permission grant in:

"We intend users to analyze and pick apart these examples taking the parts that are most useful to them. The documentation over each one is designed to aid in this process and provide some insight into how each game was designed and created. You may feel free to use any of these systems or elements in your own games. "

It’s my belief that it is actually this statement that allows you to sell a EULA-compliant work using modified Lyra C++ files despite the “Copyright Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved”. Isn’t there a better copyright for sample code though? Or alternative put an end-user agreement in the actual sample project?