Lyra Starter Game Source Code Now on GitHub

We’re delighted to share that we’ve made the Lyra Starter Game’s source code available on GitHub!

Lyra is a sample gameplay project, built alongside Unreal Engine 5, to serve as a starting point for new projects, and continues to receive updates as a living project. As our best example of how to blend C++ and Blueprints to build a game, you’ll now have access to up-to-date code changes on GitHub for the current release of Lyra, as they happen—no more waiting until the next release! Additionally, you’ll see how we’ve built and maintained the in-game features, such as the modular gameplay plugin system or the enhanced input implementation

While the code was previously available with the content from the UE Marketplace, you asked for it on GitHub and now, you can create forks for your own games and experiments. This should make it simpler for you to keep your own forks up to date, helping you leverage all the latest engine features.

Download Lyra on the Epic Games GitHub

Note: You must be logged into your GitHub account and have connected it to your Epic Games account to view this page.

Happy developing!


Thanks so much for putting Lyra on GitHub! :partying_face: :+1: :sunglasses:


how can i leverage this as a beginner? i know zero C++ but have been getting pretty comfortable with blueprints and replication. i’d love to use this to help develop a battle royale game mode / template to implement, but wouldn’t know where to start. would anyone have any suggestions on how i could get started to learn to use this? thanks in advance

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Hey! We have a learning path to introduce the various elements of Lyra, Lyra Starter Game | Learning path, and an episode of Inside Unreal, Lyra Walkthrough Q&A | Inside Unreal - YouTube, that might help you get started.



  • The learning path Amanda recommended to understand concepts

  • Play around with modifying Lyra, start with tiny changes, build up some understanding and momentum

  • Start with the Marketplace version. If you’re not already comfortable with Git its probably better as a beginner to ignore anything that’s not on the direct learning path and might hypothetically be frustrating. I use Git every day, its not rocket science, and I’m THRILLED about the announcement, but it is one more tool to add complexity to a beginner journey

  • LeafBranchGames has an Exploring Lyra video series that can get you started on making in-editor and blueprint changes

  • x157’s Dev Notes on Lyra is both a good read and links to tutorial videos, eg “Lyra Health and Damage System”. That starts to get into C++, but health and damage is a classic place to start learning UE C++, and relevant to your project

Hope this helps!


Now that Lyra is on GitHub, I have updated and published my “How to make a Git repo for a Lyra Project” notes:

For people with access to Epic’s UDN P4 server, here are very similar notes but for Perforce:


Also note everyone that only the SOURCE for Lyra is available on GitHub.

You must also get the Content from the Epic Games Launcher.

Combining the two is easy. Automate the process for yourself.

I wrote up example PowerShell to copy the source from a GitHub clone and the Content from a sample project created via the Launcher.

You don’t have to actually run this script yourself if you don’t want, but do read it to understand what it does. You will need to do similar things yourself in your environment.

See specifically the part relating to “Copy Content from Lyra Sample into lyra-main branch”


Is there a preferred place to report bugs? Unfortunately one I found is in a blueprint rather than a class

thanks for the reply and recommendation Amanda

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That is great news! Cheers!!

If I may, just adding on top of Amanda’s note connecting both Epic’s and Github’s accounts, that can be done from our Epic’s account by navigating to “APPS AND ACCOUNTS”.

There, we can see the GitHub App, we just need to click on CONNECT and follow through.

After that, we need to wait until we receive an invitation to the Epic’s Organization on GitHub. Once we accept the invitation, we will be able to navigate to the link “Download Lyra on the Epic Games GitHub” mentioned above.

Otherwise, trying to navigate to the Lyra GitHub link, would get a 404 GitHub error page.

Hope it helps

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If need sample sources code only from github. Do below:

git clone -n --depth=1 --filter=tree:0
cd UnrealEngine
git sparse-checkout set --no-cone Samples/Games/Lyra/
git checkout

So @Amanda.Schade Just over a year and a half and it’s already been removed? I just connected by Github to my Epic account.

Now what do I do to get access to Lyra?