Lyra Roadmap?

Hi Epic,

I noticed in the stream when the Lyra demo was being showcased that it was mentioned that the Lyra demo will continue to receive more updates. Are you guys able to elaborate on what more would be coming to the Lyra starter kit?

The UDK came with a UT3 demo which helped a lot of small teams get up and running very quickly. Can we expect Lyra to reach up to a similar state? Is there a rough roadmap regarding the Lyra project that can be shared?

A few question I have are:

  • Would there be a First Person component?
  • Would there be vehicle support?
  • Will there be more advanced movements such as sprinting, vaulting, sliding?
  • Will there be more unique weapon types such as scoped, homing projectiles such as rockets?

Thank you for releasing an updated starter kit like Lyra, it is a huge help to a lot of folks!