Lyra Gameplay Abilities: retriggering an active ability?

I have an ability that recharges on release and ends when recharging is complete. So the ability continues to run until that loop has finished. But I want to be able to cancel it and retrigger.

I see Retrigger Instanced Ability: “if true, and trying to activate an already active instanced ability, end it and re-trigger it.” That’s what I want but I can’t get it working. (Instancing Policy is Instanced Per Actor, so I assume it is instanced.) Am I missing something?


Have you ever find a solution?

I did. I believe I ended up moving recharging to its own gameplay ability. So it no longer needed “activate an already active ability”.


I thought the same way because it doesn’t seem possible to use retrigger at the moment. Thank you @Astaraa.