LYRA Demo Breakdown Tutorial on New UE Dev Hub

Hello everyone. I just finished watching the Unreal Engine 5 Release and I am very interested in the new features in UE5. What got me more interested was the dev community site Epic set up to centralize all UE-related resources. I strongly believe a complex tool (like UE5) tutorial should be as easy to learn as learning new intuitive game mechanics in games. It’s so frustrating and exhausting to look up how to do something in UE4 Community Wiki, read UE4’s official documentation and guides, check Unreal Engine Forum and UE4 AnswerHub Posts, search r/UnrealEngine, look up Youtube video tutorials, google programming blog solutions and Stack Overflow answers, and search for similar questions asked in Unreal Slackers Discord. If properly utilized, the new dev community hub would do wonders for being able to find what we need for working on projects. I hope to push for more usage of the hub going forward by making a tutorial for the new Lyra Demo in an ELI5 style. By ELI5 style, I mean an explanation that breaks down everything used in LYRA in such an easy to understand manner that the only thing you need to know is how to understand English. I also hope that we can use more standardized terminology in the hub. I want to make this tutorial to help others because if I had such a resource in the past I would have dived into UE earlier and probably saved months of time learning and frustration from searching everywhere on the internet. Would anyone else be interested in helping make this tutorial with me?