Lyra Crouching State - Hold vs Toggle

If I wanted the Crouch in Lyra project to be “Hold to Crouch” rather than “Toggle Crouch” (how it currently works), what is the best way to do it?

The crouch state is currently being controlled by the locomotion state machine in the animBP, I think? Would we want to modify how that works, or can we create a Gameplay Ability to do this? What are the costs/benefits of trying to override the existing locomotion state machine with a Gamplay Ability for crouch state?

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Would also like to know the best way to setup this.

Just modify the crouch attribute


oh lol. yeah. that makes sense. thank you.

I want to implement a character with different grounded locomotion states other than crouch, such as kneeling or prone. I understand what I need to do as far as the charactermovementcomponent, how can I make crouch it’s own ability to be granted or removed? Thanks!

The solution provided isn’t a very good way to go about it.
Any ability that you have that can cancel the crouch ability while you’re holding crouch, and then left go of crouch, you’re going to effectively inverse the behavior of crouch, where you then need to hold the input to stand, and let go to crouch.

Is there a way to do this at runtime? To be controlled via a menu setting for example.
Because it seems adding / removing Input Triggers at runtime is not possible?