Lyra - Changing controller ID breaks UI navigation?

I’ve tried using the lyra startup widget that listens for controller input and it assigns a controller ID other than 0 successfully. However, the new assigned controller ID cannot navigate the UI.

Even the function to change controller ID breaks the UI navigation.

is this a bug? there are other notable bugs where if another local player other than 0 holds down the moving analog stick and then presses the pause button they will keep on moving while their screen is paused.

Not sure exactly what you’re seeing there. I do know that Lyra uses CommonUI+CommonGame to support gamepads, and looking through the C++ code for CommonUI at least, there are a lot of “this won’t work for splitscreen players” notes.

So I’m guessing you found one or more of those known design flaws popping up because you’re using more than one controller?

Sorry I can’t help more, other than to say that I think it is an issue Epic knows about. The dev who wrote that code apparently is no longer there and they are reworking it for UE 5.2.

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