Luos's PewPew Particle Pack

Lets start with a video shall we:

Get it here for 35-ish dollar!

I spend a lot of time and effort into this package, and basically represents all I currently know from a technical point of view.
Its very optimized and works on all platforms that Unreal Engine supports.
Support from 4.16 up to most recent.

It contains 4 type of projectiles, each with 3 additional levels of “oomph”.
Each level comes with it’s own muzzle and impact effect. The 3 higher levels of “charged” projectiles come with unique “charge up” effects.
If you have cascade experience you can easily mix and match for many new projectiles!

Some technical details:

60 Cascade Particle Systems:

  • 16 projectiles, 16 muzzles, 16 impacts, and 12 charge-ups.
  • Mainly mesh, CPU, and GPU emitters.
  • LOD’s, Particle cutouts, everything set up properly for performance.
  • Detail mode properly set up for your game graphics settings.
  • All effects work on low end mobile devices, consoles, and PC.
  • Lights and refraction for additional performance can optionally be disabled.
  • The aforementioned are disabled on higher LOD’s.

29 Master Materials:

  • Optimized, often well under 100 instructions.
  • 54 Material Instances.
  • 24 Material Functions (some seen in previous packs).
  • Comes with global/per instance saturation, hueshift, and emissive options.

42 Static Meshes:

  • From 9 up to 1900 polygons, generally in the sub 500 range.

25 Textures:

  • All under 1mb, often even less than 200kb.
  • Some textures are reduced in size in-editor, can be upscaled if desired.
  • Proper LOD filter groups for your game graphics settings.


  • Some demo-sounds for the projectiles. (Sound Designer and awesome person [USER=“107411”]Bartosz Kamol Kamiński[/USER] provided them)

Preview Content:

  • Three showcase maps, Just projectiles, one focused on the sound, and the other an Arm-Cannon showcase.
  • Arm-Cannon Blueprint shows an Arm-Cannon charge-up effect for presentation.
  • RespawnFX Blueprint to show off effects in a looping matter.
  • I do not give support for the Blueprints however, you are probably better at them.

Two animations to emphasize recoil. (Special thanks to @S-ed for providing these)

And an additional big thanks to Celeste from [USER=“2608403”]Salty Panda St[/USER] for teaching me blueprints, @Kashaar for helping me with blueprints, and many from the UnrealSlacker discord for advice, tips, and support :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, hit any snags, def let me know!

How to add Radial Damage to Base Projectile

I wouldnt know, I am not that versatile in blueprints.
I’d suggest to look up “ue4 Radial damage blueprint” or something on your fav. search engine.

You’d get suggestions like: