Luos's Particle Showcase

Thank you so much, your work is fantastic!

Glad to hear Luos, looking forward to them. Thanks for taking the time. =)

Wow that’s long! I don’t mind though, I’m looking forward to it :smiley:

Amazing work! Thanks for sharing! Keep it up bud!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:
While the video’s are being edited ill post some more particles:





All of these particles look amazing! Glad to hear that you will be putting out a tutorial for these. Please make sure to post the tutorials on our wiki. Keep up the great work and I am excited to see what you will create next!


Hello Sean, I will put them on the wiki as well :slight_smile:
The last video is being worked on as I write, so I am going to post a few more particles.
Considering to keep any other particles somewhat hidden from the audience for now.


This one shows better its actually a mesh based particle:



And my piece de resistance:
We named it the “Kaiser Beam” and imho that fits :slight_smile:

MP4: < def. check out this.

This is awesome! :smiley: Great stuff!

Very nice! Awesome work :slight_smile:

These are really nice, keep it up! =)

Luos definitely knows his particles, keep up the fine work buddy! :slight_smile:

Trying to understand Vector fields atm, quite interesting stuff :slight_smile:


Keep up the good work!

omg, <*)_>< is back!

(for people not knowing him, a good buddy of mine and at the time a very active member of beyond unreal forums amongst things :slight_smile:


Since I can only attach one video per post… rolleyes
A double post to add this one:

And the tutorials are now live: [Tutorial] Mesh Based Particles - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

Enjoy guys :slight_smile:

Really good work Luos.

I personally wish for a more authentic-like look of energy projectiles. In reality energy is so rich in, well, energy so that the projectiles would be essentially just glowing strips with lots of bloom and emitting enough light to fully light out an entire room, as if one turned the lights on. Think of lightning bolts, they glow really hard.

I agree on you about that, but since we currently don’t have any background/level stuff done…
I will have to tweak the brightness later down the road to make the particles more pronounced.

Also, since everything is recorded from the particle editor itself it wouldnt represent how they would look when we have a level with post proc., bloom and what not going on.
which is another reason that the brightness atm is somewhat dull.

Your latest video looks really nice!

Looking great!